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“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”— Hans Hofmann


New Micro  (W.W. Norton, ©2018)

An addictive new collection of very short stories curated by Flash Fiction editor James Thomas and microfiction writer Robert Scotellaro. Comprised of 300 words or fewer, microfiction is difficult to write but delightful and absorbing to read. With a star-studded table of contents, New Micro is a veritable who’s who in the world of microfiction. Authors include newcomers and established writers alike: Amy Hempel, Sherman Alexie, Kim Addonizio, Richard Brautigan, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Stuart Dybek, Joyce Carol Oates, and James Tate.

With 90 authors and 140 stories, New Micro offers a chorus of voices both fresh and familiar, real and surreal but always enlightening—distinctive and exceptional pieces of fiction that pulse and resonate, each with its own story to tell.
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Bad Motel  (Big Table Publishing, ©2016)

A collection of Micro Fiction. "There are no vacancies at the Bad Motel. Every room is occupied by characters we recognize, interacting in exactly a hundred words, in provocative ways that are probing and prophetic. Behind every door there is word magic being performed, and here are the desk clerk’s keys. Welcome! Come on in and see for yourself."
—James Thomas, editor of Sudden Fiction and Flash Fiction anthologies Amazon order info

What We Know So Far  (Blue Light Press, ©2015)

A collection of Micro Fiction. "Robert Scotellaro is a true maestro of the miniature story. His writing keeps me delightfully off balance, luring me headlong into strange situations inhabited by even stranger characters, then through some rapid alchemy making me care deeply about them."
—Tom Hazuka, Editor, You Have Time for This and Flash Fiction
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Measuring the Distance  (Blue Light Press, ©2012)

A collection of Flash Fiction. "From a homeless man stealing sugar, a mime with a gun, crazy Uncle L and a daughter’s drunken Skype, to the stunning, aching perfection of “One Better Than the Next,” Measuring the Distance is the work of a master storyteller. Our favorite collection of 2012." – Boston Literary Magazine. Amazon order info

Finalist for the da Vinci Eye Award (for excellence in book design) and received Honorable Mention for the Eric Hoffer Book Award (for excellence in fiction).

The Night Sings A Cappella  (Big Table Publishing, ©2011)

This magical book draws us into an irresistible world where we can laugh at our humanity, and "the bullets all come out of the barrel/weeping." It is about the abundance in our everyday lives and the necessity of hope. The deceptions of mind and emotion are revealed with masterful metaphors and breathtaking imagery.
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Rhapsody of Fallen Objects  (Flutter Press, ©2010)

The twenty-one prose poems in Rhapsody of Fallen Objects explore the varied, and often elaborate, "adjustments" and "creative repairs" people make under the weight of daily living. A scramble for the exits is one strategy; acceptance, another. But more often in abundance is that tricky territory between.
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Out of print: Children's books

Snail Stampede and Other Poems  (Hands Up Books, ©2004)

Dancing with Frankenstein and Other Limericks  (Hands Up Books, ©2003)

Daddy Fixed the Vacuum Cleaner  (Willowisp Press, ©1993)


Out of print: earlier works

My Father's Cadillac  (Six-Shooter Press, ©1984)

Early Love Poems of Genghis Kahn  (Lion's Breath Press, ©1979)

Blinded by Halos  (Lion's Breath Press, ©1978)

East Harlem Poems  (Vagabond Press, ©1977)


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