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“Every sentence, every phrase, every word has to fight for its life.” — Crawford Kilian


Robert Scotellaro was born and raised in New York City. As a young teenager, he naively submitted his writing to The New Yorker. He soon realized it took more than "being one" to get in. He worked doing advertising layouts for Barnes & Noble for a time. Subsequently, he served as a combat medic in Vietnam, as well as a Ward-master in a makeshift Mash-like medical unit.

Returning home, he became a founding member of Earth People's Park in Manhattan's Lower East Side, a large community/outreach facility. A highlight of that period was that he once played bongos on stage as Allen Ginsberg recited poetry.

In 1970 he relocated to San Francisco and began a family. There, he found literary journals more suitable venues for his work. He was actively involved in the Underground Comix scene, producing half a dozen illustrated books, and later edited a small literary press.

His short fiction and poems have appeared in hundreds of print and online journals and anthologies. He is the author of five chapbooks and a full-length book of flash fiction. He has also published three books for children. In 2003 he was the recipient of Zone 3's Rainmaker Award in Poetry. His book, Measuring the Distance, was a Finalist for the da Vinci Eye Award and received Honorable Mention for the Eric Hoffer Book Award.

He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife, daughter, and his writing companion, a real cool dog named Addie.





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