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"When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain"— Shakespeare

Robert Scotellaro Flash Fiction - Measuring the Distance


“You can't be complacent when you read Robert Scotellaro's stories. Each line, each word, demands attention. He's a master of the miniature tale, wielding concision like a sculptor's knife. He uncovers those strange moments of life that haunt, bewilder, and reveal with a poetry that is daring. These 100-word stories are both barbed and beautiful.”

- Grant Faulkner, author of Fissures and co-founder and editor of 100 Word Story


Robert Scotellaro Flash Fiction - Measuring the Distance"Scotellaro’s flash stories, sentence by sentence, ride disjunction to dazzling heights of hilarity, hard won wisdom, and the sweetest grief. He is the sublime story teller of tiny lives colliding with big moments.”

- Pamela Painter, Author of Wouldn’t You Like to Know and The Long and Short of It



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